Spring has Sprung!

Happy first full week of spring! It seems like only yesterday we were saying goodbye to fall. With a new month comes a fresh slate, and hopefully warmer days, fingers crossed! And whilst this week is the start of the spring months, it is also World Compliment Day. After the harsh cold weather there's nothing like a nice compliment from the heart to warm you up! First initiated in the Netherlands, the creator, Hans Poortvliet, wants to make it a worldwide initiative and thus create the 'Most Positive Day in the World'! 

Poortvliet says that it's "just about consciously reflecting on what someone in your area does well and letting that person know they're sincerely appreciated for that" through words instead of gifts. The campaign asks people to pay at least three people a genuine and sincere compliment, either online or in person, and we think it's a great idea! Think about the last time somebody paid you a compliment and how good it made you feel. Now imagine you could make someone feel that way with a few simple words? Your TTG Girl Gang were just discussing how we still remember some compliments we received a few years ago! 

In the spirit of the day, and to give you some inspiration, we've put together our top 10 compliments which make us smile!

Top 10 Compliments to Give To Those Around You

1) You light up the room
2) You have great style
3) You bring out the best in people
4) I love your shoes!
5) You're like a cold can of soda on a summer's day
6) You make me laugh until my sides hurt
7) You are always there for me 
8) Your energy is infectious 
9) You care so much about others
10) You're an awesome friend

Well, we're definitely all feeling very positive in the TTG office after putting that list together! As we said, aim to give at least 3 people, whether you know them or not, a compliment today, because as they say, a compliment is verbal sunshine!

Have a great day! 

Your TTG Girl Gang x