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5 Pro Female Athletes That Are Making a Difference

To say that sports are an industry dominated by men would completely ignore the many contributions women have brought to the field throughout the years. To say that the discourse is focused on the contributions of men primarily is more accurate.So let’s change the discourse one article at a time. Below you have a list of 5 amazing pro female athletes that are not only dominating their fields - they’re also fighting for change.
1. Serena Williams Serena Williams is a pro athlete that needs no introductions, and one that has given back a lot over the years. Back in 2016, she and Venus Williams opened a community center in their hometown to support local residents affected by gun violence. In 2018, she donated $10,000 to Imagine LA, an organization that helps homeless families and has been a strong voice that pushes for equality over the years.

2. Angel Collinson A pro skier that has no troubles fighting for causes she believes in, specifically climate change. Her voice was so strong that she…

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