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Jaclyn Sklaver is a nationally recognized Board Certified & Licensed Functional Medicine Sports Nutritionist and a Strength & Conditioning Coach. Her company, Athletes Nutrition, combines performance nutrition with functional medicine to create ideal body composition, cognitive function, strength, recovery, and overall health for longevity & optimal performance in the gym and in life. 

Jaclyn has coached over 350 elite-level athletes in preparing them for the draft and off-season workouts including 75 NFL veterans as an in-house nutritionist at XPE Sports and previously Chip Smith Performance Systems. 

Her work has assisted in obtaining millions in NFL contracts. In addition to working with professional athletes, Jaclyn’s clientele ranges from all active gym-goers, parents, to executives and Entrepreneurs. Her concierge of wellness services includes nutrition to ensure proper body composition, athletic/active output, lifestyle, and injury prevention.

Jaclyn uses functional medicine and performance nutrition to find the root cause of many health issues and resolves them through nutritional practices. In addition to performance and weight loss, Jaclyn’s expertise includes autoimmunity (thyroid, PCOS), gut & digestion (IBS, IDB, SIBO) hormone balance (fertility, irregular cycles, peri/post-menopause), stress & sleep regulation. 

Jaclyn has been featured in more than 30 media outlets covering all aspects of functional medicine, wellness, and sports nutrition. She is an on-going contributor to Muscle & Fitness Hers, the VP Of Atlanta Women In Sports, and the 2020 recipient of the  Atlanta Women In Sports Trailblazers award. 

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