Do You Have A Unique Wellness Product? Here’s How To Promote It

Ladies of business, listen up! Your innovative wellness product, no matter how unique, won’t be enough to ensure you reach an audience and grow your brand.

It’s the unfortunate truth many of us have to face in these uncertain times. A lot of the time, having a good product is only half the battle. You need to put just as much (or even more) effort into marketing this product and reaching the right audience.

But how do you put the spotlight on your product or services? Here are a few great tips:

1. Know Your Audience

It’s the first thing you need to do, well before you actually start a PR campaign. Who is the product actually for in terms of:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Issues they are facing with

  • Unique challenges

  • Socio-cultural background, etc.

Knowing your audience allows you to create a marketing campaign that is able to form a connection with people, not just push your wellness product or service.

2. Know Your Product

Know the ins and outs of your wellness product, especially when it comes to benefits and limitations. If you don’t have a good enough idea of these things, then you won’t be able to convey an accurate idea of it through any marketing efforts. This can lead to a lot of confusion and will make people pass on your offer simply because they don’t get it.

3. Tell a Story

The ability to tell stories is something so intrinsically human that it really allows you to engage and form a connection with an audience member. Marketing campaigns that focus on telling a story of a product, instead of just describing it, have a much better chance of people taking notice. Especially if you also have a human factor to the story or a person they can associate the product or service with.

4. Partner up

There is strength in numbers, and marketing is no exception. If you band together with other women in your industry and use each other's powers (community, communication resources, etc.) it will pay off for everyone involved, even the audience.

Partnerships can take time to nurture, and you may even struggle to find someone who shares your views and thinks it is appropriate to associate with your brand. But once you do, it opens up a lot of creative opportunities.

5. Think of Nurturing, Not Selling

The main idea you want to convey through any marketing effort is not that you are selling a product, service, or even just a story. It’s that you want to establish and grow a community of like-minded people, and offer them a platform where they can get together. It’s the kind of strategy that really helps a business grow long-term.

We Can Help

A good marketing strategy for any kind of fitness or wellness product can take time, and if you want to make sure your efforts pay off, we are here to help. Get in touch with The Tesla Group now to get started on the strategy.


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