Giving Back While Getting Fit

In a world full of fast fashion, shopping the right activewear brand can pose quite the challenge. The struggle between wanting to look good AF as you take on your workout, and doing your part for society is one we don't think about much, but with socially conscious brands popping up left right and centre, it's something we feel you should definitely start taking into account during your next gym wear shop! And with it having been proven that a cause-based element in a brand's retail formula is smart business, it's no wonder more and more companies are including these elements into their mission statements.

As we mentioned though, with so many brands at the forefront of the sportswear market, selecting the right ones can be a challenge! To save you the time, your TTG Girl Gang have rounded up our top 5 sportswear brands that give you the opportunity to make a difference to the world when shopping.

1) Niyama Sol
Niyama Sol is a fitness and fashion brand that's not only good for the environment, but also good for the 'SOL'. This is because the collection is made up entirely of recycled goods! They believe that  plastic water bottles should be reincarnated into your favorite pieces of clothing, and in recycling and giving back to our community and our environment. What's even better? J Lo just recently launched a new collection of leggings with them, so you can copy the 'Queen of Looking Good While Working Out' herself!

2) Beyond Yoga
Beyond Yoga is a yoga activewear brand that created a charity initiative called Moms for Moms,  alongside its maternity collection. Each season, the company partners with an organization to help and support underprivileged mothers-to-be. For every 'Beyond the Bump' item purchased, a monetary contribution goes to help expectant mothers in need. It is also involved with 'Midwives for Haiti', a charity that provides support to help reduce infant and maternal mortality rates in Haiti and has resulted in a donation of over $10,000 for prenatal care.

3)  Outdoor Voices
With a mission statement to inspire recreation and help people lead happier, healthier, and more active lives together, Outdoor Voices believes that fitness isn't measured by performance and everyone should celebrate making activity a fun, sustainable part of everyday life. Their aim is essentially to get us to give ourselves back the joy of activity we once had when we were children, while removing the label that getting fit must be a challenge in order for it to be effective.

4) Lineagewear
Founded by Katie Pippin, Lineagewear is a favorite among yogis and athletes alike. Their leggings are not only comfortable and fashionable, but also ethical and environmentally friendly. Since its beginnings, the brand has donated over $28,000 to foundations such as Project Fit America, Team for Kids, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and NEDA!
5) Flow Water
Although not a activewear brand as such, one thing we all need when hitting the gym (or yoga mat!), is water. It's a common site to see water bottles lying around the gym, and if you're someone who tends to grab for the single-use water bottle as you head out the door, then Flow Water is for you. It is a premium brand of boxed alkaline spring water, uniquely packaged in an environmentally friendly box—meaning it’s 100 percent recyclable and made from 70 percent renewable resources!